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Cloud Era: Growing Together With Partners
Conversations with Huawei  
12/30/2016   236 comments
Zou Zhilei spoke about trends in the ICT industry at the Huawei Connect conference in Shanghai.
TT Caption Contest: The Robots Are Coming!
Mike Robuck  
10/12/2017   218 comments
Telco Transformation is tapping into artificial intelligence and robots in the latest cartoon caption contest.
TT Caption Contest: Feelings, Nothing More Than Feelings
Mike Robuck  
8/7/2017   217 comments
Artificial intelligence is the theme for the latest Telco Transformation cartoon caption contest.
Broadcast TV: The Second Coming?
Aditya Kishore  
9/12/2017   202 comments
A new study from Nielsen shows that younger audiences are growing the number of broadcast-only homes in the US.
TT Cartoon Caption Contest Tackles Security
Mike Robuck  
11/10/2017   200 comments
Security is always top of mind these days.
Caption Contest: An Iota of IoT
Aditya Kishore  
6/2/2017   188 comments
This month's caption contest looks at the phenomenon of smart cities and the Internet of Things (IoT).
March Caption Contest Winners
Mike Robuck  
4/11/2017   160 comments
This month's cartoon caption contest focuses on artificial intelligence.
TT Caption Contest: It's All 5G to Me
Sarah Thomas  
1/24/2018   158 comments
This month's cartoon, like 2018 so far, is all about 5G.
Year-End Caption Contest: Winner Announced
Mike Robuck  
12/19/2016   155 comments
The last Telco Transformation cartoon caption contest of the year takes aim at the recent spate of large mergers in the telecom industry.
TT Caption Contest: Holiday Edition
Mike Robuck  
12/27/2017   146 comments
It's the final cartoon caption contest of the year for Telco Transformation.
June Caption Contest Winners
Mike Robuck  
7/14/2016   136 comments
Customer service shouldn't be monkey business, but it is in this month's cartoon caption contest.
TT August Cartoon Caption Contest in Focus
Mike Robuck  
8/29/2016   130 comments
Summer may be waning, but the Telco Transformation cartoon caption contest marches on in August.
Trending: 3 Phases of Cloud Computing
Conversations with Huawei  
9/20/2016   128 comments
There are three major trends in cloud computing of which service providers and enterprises need to be aware.
Caption Contest: Birth of a New Era
Aditya Kishore  
5/2/2017   122 comments
This month's caption contest looks at the phenomenon of live streaming on social networks.
Huawei's Xue: 3 Transformation Challenges
Conversations with Huawei  
10/27/2017   121 comments
Huawei's all-in on cloud to enable carriers' digital transformations.
Original Content Strategy Offers Diminishing Returns: maxdome CEO
The Digerati  
11/30/2016   120 comments
German OTT provider challenges the assumption that spending billions on original content will help Netflix, Amazon win in the OTT space.
Funny Feeling: Sept. Cartoon Caption Contest
Mike Robuck  
9/29/2016   119 comments
The TT cartoon caption contest rolls into September.
Two-Thirds of Media Executives Accept Virtual Reality Has Arrived – Level 3 Study
Joe Stanganelli  
11/2/2016   115 comments
Research from communications provider Level 3 reflects limited activity but high interest in virtual reality services among global media executives.
July Caption Contest: Eye on the Prize
Mike Robuck  
7/27/2016   115 comments
Put your best cartoon caption forward in this month's Telco Transformation caption contest.
Caption Contest: A Virtual View
Mike Robuck  
1/29/2017   113 comments
Telco Transformation's first cartoon caption contest of the year takes a peek at virtual reality.
Moving on Up: Cable Eyes Enterprise Sector
Mike Robuck  
3/10/2016   110 comments
Cable operators, such as Charter, are taking their business services talents to the enterprise space.
TT Caption Contest: Revised to Include Voting!
Mike Robuck  
4/29/2016   109 comments
The top three comments in the Telco Transformation caption contest will win Amazon Gift Cards.
May Caption Contest: IoT in the Workplace
Mike Robuck  
5/31/2016   101 comments
Telco Transformation's May cartoon caption takes on IoT in the office space.
TT Poll: All Hail Netflix
Mike Robuck  
5/2/2016   100 comments
Netflix crushed the competition in the latest Telco Transformation poll with close to 50% of the votes.
Cox Kicks OTT Service to the Curb
Mike Robuck  
1/20/2016   100 comments
Light Reading story says cable operator's latest IP endeavor is done after just a few months.
Skype Pulls Plug on Smart TV App
Mike Robuck  
3/8/2016   95 comments
Advent of smartphones makes Skype smart TV app obsolete.
Transformative Trump?
Mike Robuck  
11/9/2016   92 comments
Technology may not be the president elect's forte, but that's not to say Trump won't meddle.
Piracy Is Killing Capacity – Sandvine
Aditya Kishore  
11/3/2017   90 comments
Network technology vendor Sandvine has found that piracy isn't only hurting network operator profits – each pirated set-top box is also using up 1TB per month in 'phantom bandwidth.'
March Madness Caption Contest
Mike Robuck  
3/25/2016   90 comments
Post comments on this photo and win a $50 Amazon card.
Seen & Heard: Yahoo Faces Litigation for Data Breaches
Mike Robuck  
8/31/2017   89 comments
Judge's ruling is a setback for Verizon's attempts to limit its liability for Yahoo's email hacks.
Lack of Skilled Employees a Hurdle for Carriers
Mike Robuck  
8/25/2017   88 comments
Service providers need to re-train current employees and hire new ones to meet the needs of new technologies and applications.
Understanding Generation Z
Aditya Kishore  
7/24/2017   83 comments
Generation Z is the most ethnically diverse generation in the US, with the highest penetration of digital devices, according to new research from Nielsen.
Video Bigger Business Driver Than Messenger – Zuckerberg
Aditya Kishore  
7/31/2017   83 comments
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that he expects video to be a bigger driver of Facebook's growth than its Messenger application.
Digital Multitasking Widespread Among TV Viewers, Says Adobe
Aditya Kishore  
11/25/2016   82 comments
A recent study from Adode found that TV viewers are often simultaneously checking email, texting friends or using other apps while watching TV.
Is the Internet Living Up to Its Potential?
Joseph Franell  
6/30/2016   82 comments
Over-use of the Internet is fragmenting society, but there are healthy habits that might help.
Connected Lights Illuminate Smart City Applications
Kishore Jethanandani  
7/19/2017   79 comments
Smart cities have learned to build the foundations of intelligent services that can serve a variety of needs for residents.
Can Cable Top Telcos in Enterprise Market?
Alan Breznick  
11/22/2017   78 comments
While cable operators continue to lure small and midsized firms away from the incumbent telcos, can they do the same with large enterprises?
Verizon CEO Predicts Death of 300-Channel Bundles
Aditya Kishore  
10/12/2016   77 comments
Lowell McAdam says Verizon would only sell slimmed-down TV packages if the major content providers allowed them to.
Culture Hardest to Transform – Sigma CTO
Sarah Thomas  
1/19/2018   77 comments
Transformation isn't a democracy and will ultimately be imposed on employees, says Sigma Systems' CTO Catherine Michel, but changing a company's culture is always the hardest part.
Amazon Draws a Bead on Netflix With Standalone Tier
Mike Robuck  
4/18/2016   75 comments
Amazon announced on Sunday that it's serving up its streaming service as a standalone option.
A Growing Demand for Connected Healthcare Apps
Mike Robuck  
7/1/2016   74 comments
While caregivers are interested in medication management tools, only 11% are currently using the apps.
Channel Four's Milton Talks Personalization
Aditya Kishore  
10/2/2017   72 comments
Sarah Milton, head of Channel Four's OTT service All 4 discusses the value of and right approach to personalization.
5G Accelerating Drive Towards Autonomous Cars
Sarah Thomas  
3/20/2018   71 comments
A new 5G Americas white paper outlines how 5G can power self-driving cars and their communications with the world around them.
TV & Video: 4 Issues Likely to Cause Apoplectic Fits in 2018
Aditya Kishore  
12/28/2017   70 comments
Contentious issues that are likely to fuel lawsuits and angry blogs in the coming year.
IDC's Hicks: Digital Transformations Are About More Than Technology
The Digerati  
7/26/2017   68 comments
Digital transformations aren't just the technologies, they also include the business cases.
Seen & Heard: Yahoo CEO Exits via Platinum Parachute
Mike Robuck  
6/13/2017   67 comments
Mayer departs Yahoo with a much bigger bank account.
Verizon's Bartolomeo: IoT Security Top of Mind
The Digerati  
3/25/2016   65 comments
Security is a key concern for consumers using IoT products and services, but Verizon is approaching security from several fronts.
AT&T's Gilbert: The Goal of AI Is Automation
The Digerati  
8/22/2017   64 comments
AT&T views artificial intelligence as the means to do data-powered automation.
Vodafone's Morawski: Flexible Workforce Key to Digital Transformation
The Digerati  
11/24/2017   64 comments
CIOs face several challenges, including education leadership, when it comes to enabling their digital transformations, according to Vodafone's Andrew Morawski.
Streaming Video Driving Connected Device Adoption
Aditya Kishore  
12/1/2017   63 comments
OTT video usage is driving the penetration of various Internet connected devices to help view online streams on the larger TV screen.
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