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Mike Robuck
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posted in March 2016

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Hu Rotates In as New Huawei CEO
Mike Robuck  
3/31/2016   12 comments
Ken Hu takes over the reigns as Huawei's CEO for the next six months.
Fullscreen Targets April 26 Launch of SVOD Service
Mike Robuck  
3/30/2016   16 comments
Fullscreen will launch its $4.99 per month ad-free video service next month with AT&T's help.
Comment: Re: Really? - Mike Robuck - 3/30/2016
Google Fiber: Phone Home
Mike Robuck  
3/29/2016   36 comments
For $10 a month, Google Fiber will soon offer Fiber Phone.
SDN, NFV Key to Managed Security Services
Mike Robuck  
3/29/2016   9 comments
Virtual CPE is working in tandem with NFV and SDN to give managed security services a big boost.
Comment: Re: Fad - Mike Robuck - 3/29/2016
Comment: Re: Photo - Mike Robuck - 3/29/2016
Etisalat Misr, Huawei Bring Gig Backhaul to Egypt
Mike Robuck  
3/29/2016   5 comments
The two companies say super dual-band microwave deployment in Egypt is the world's first.
Building Blocks for IoT Platforms
3/28/2016   8 comments
Internet of Things (IoT) products and services are a maturing market for telecom operators, according to a recent report by Heavy Reading. According to operators and observers that were surveyed by Heavy Reading, 2016 will likely see significant momentum build behind IoT, including operators' involvement in platforms and applications.
Comment: Re: DCI app - Mike Robuck - 3/25/2016
March Madness Caption Contest
Mike Robuck  
3/25/2016   90 comments
Post comments on this photo and win a $50 Amazon card.
Huawei Advances SDN Tech With 'TIP'
Mike Robuck  
3/24/2016   3 comments
Huawei's Transport Innovation Platform is a new service that leverages an ONOS-based SDN controller.
Bartolomeo Provides Insight on Verizon's IoT Platform
The Digerati  
3/23/2016   10 comments
Verizon's ThingSpace aims to make IoT less complex and more user friendly.
Comment: Vegas - Mike Robuck - 3/23/2016
Comment: Google Cast - Mike Robuck - 3/22/2016
Google Casts Wider Net With Chromecast Rebrand
Mike Robuck  
3/22/2016   34 comments
Google is changing the name of its Chromecast app to reflect a wider-range of use cases.
Comment: welcome Jennifer - Mike Robuck - 3/22/2016
Comment: Radio Show - Mike Robuck - 3/22/2016
Comment: Re: 5G speeds... - Mike Robuck - 3/22/2016
Comment: Re: - Mike Robuck - 3/21/2016
Comment: Re: - Mike Robuck - 3/21/2016
Comment: is this better? - Mike Robuck - 3/21/2016
Amazon Adds Comcast Bundles to Shopping Cart
Mike Robuck  
3/21/2016   31 comments
Several Comcast bundles are now available for purchase on
Comment: Re: - Mike Robuck - 3/21/2016
Comment: captioins - Mike Robuck - 3/21/2016
TT Poll: CSPs Should Use Their Own Teams for NFV
Mike Robuck  
3/21/2016   15 comments
Poll results say that communications service providers should use their own teams to blend NFV solutions from best-of-breed vendors.
Comment: Re: Finally - Mike Robuck - 3/18/2016
Comment: Re: Red Button! - Mike Robuck - 3/18/2016
Cable Gears Up for Next Phase of SDN
Mike Robuck  
3/17/2016   30 comments
Software-defined network and network virtualization are top of mind for cable operators, but there's plenty to consider.
ON.Lab's Parulkar: Vendors 'Gaming' Open Source Standards
Mike Robuck  
3/17/2016   9 comments
Open source standards bodies and communities need to come together to keep open source industry truly 'open.'
CeBIT: Huawei Debuts IoT Lighting Platform
Mike Robuck  
3/16/2016   10 comments
Connected City Lighting Solution uses GIS to manage city streetlights.
Comment: Re: Internet... - Mike Robuck - 3/15/2016
Comment: Re: Internet... - Mike Robuck - 3/15/2016
Sony Extends Reach of OTT Service Across the US
Mike Robuck  
3/14/2016   17 comments
Sony has upped its OTT game by offering its PlayStation Vue service in 203 additional market areas across the nation.
Comment: Re: Standards... - Mike Robuck - 3/14/2016
Cable Next-Gen: Mile-High Moments
3/11/2016   6 comments
Light Reading recently hosted its Cable Next Gen Technologies & Strategies at The Cable Center on the University of Denver campus. Here's a view of the day's events through the Telco Transformation lens.
A Tale of 2 Polls
Mike Robuck  
3/11/2016   14 comments
A comparison of the most recent Telco Transformation poll with one from the Digital Operations Transformation Summit in Barcelona yielded some interesting results.
Comment: Re: paradox - Mike Robuck - 3/11/2016
SCTE's Bastian Talks Trends at Cable Next-Gen
Mike Robuck  
3/11/2016   5 comments
SCTE's CTO and SVP says DOCSIS. 3.1 is on the fast track for all cable operators.
Moving on Up: Cable Eyes Enterprise Sector
Mike Robuck  
3/10/2016   110 comments
Cable operators, such as Charter, are taking their business services talents to the enterprise space.
Comment: google - Mike Robuck - 3/10/2016
Telecom Italia Exec Admits to Virtualization Growing Pains
Mike Robuck  
3/9/2016   8 comments
Despite growing pains, Telecom Italia is still interested in digital transformation.
Comment: ? - Mike Robuck - 3/9/2016
AT&T Masters Amen Corner in 4K
Mike Robuck  
3/9/2016   6 comments
AT&T will debut the new DirecTV 4K channel in April and cover the Masters live in 4K.
Comment: Re: Skype - Mike Robuck - 3/9/2016
Skype Pulls Plug on Smart TV App
Mike Robuck  
3/8/2016   95 comments
Advent of smartphones makes Skype smart TV app obsolete.
Google Drops Invites for Project Fi
Mike Robuck  
3/7/2016   43 comments
Google no longer requires invitations for its WiFi first service.
Asia Pacific Gears Up With NFV/SDN
Mike Robuck  
3/7/2016   5 comments
A new report says that 64% of enterprises across 14 markets in the Asia Pacific region are in various deployment stages for virtualized network functions.
Poll: No Votes for White Box Networking
Mike Robuck  
3/4/2016   20 comments
The biggest impact on service providers' businesses over the next decade will be 5G, according to the latest Telco Transformation poll.
Huawei Aces Firewall Test
Mike Robuck  
3/3/2016   10 comments
Huawei, other vendors score 'recommended' rating on NSS Lab's firewall test.
Comment: Re: Elections - Mike Robuck - 3/3/2016
Comment: Europe - Mike Robuck - 3/3/2016
Comment: Brazil - Mike Robuck - 3/2/2016
Facebook Draws Antitrust Scrutiny in Germany
Mike Robuck  
3/2/2016   23 comments
Facebook joins Google and Microsoft in being named in an antitrust investigation.
Comment: Re: Nice Event - Mike Robuck - 3/2/2016
Deutsche Telekom Hits Pause on T-Mobile Sale
Mike Robuck  
3/1/2016   11 comments
Reuters reports that Deutsche Telekom is putting the sale of T-Mobile on hold due to upcoming spectrum auction.
NTT Communications Beefs Up Enterprise Cloud
Mike Robuck  
3/1/2016   7 comments
NTT cozies up to OpenStack, Cloud Foundry and adds bare metal option to cloud service.

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