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Content posted in January 2018
Orange's Vamparys: Approach 5G With an Open Mind, Network
The Digerati  
1/31/2018   18 comments
5G must coexist with LTE, 3G and a host of technologies that will ride on top of it, says Arnaud Vamparys, Orange Network Labs' senior vice president for radio networks.
OpenStack's Vancsa: You Can't Be Too Cloudy for 5G Convergence
The Digerati  
1/30/2018   6 comments
The OpenStack Foundation's Ildiko Vancsa suggests that 5G readiness means never abandoning telco applications and infrastructures once they're 'cloudy enough.'
IDC's Delaney: 5G Demands Network Slicing & Coverage
The Digerati  
1/29/2018   3 comments
IDC's John Delaney talks about how telecom CIOs are addressing the relationship between 5G, automation and virtualization, while cautioning that they might be forgetting the basics.
Poll: Sorry US, South Korea Will Lead on 5G
Sarah Thomas  
1/26/2018   26 comments
Half of Telco Transformation readers predict South Korea will lead the way with actual 5G deployments, with the US just edging out China for second place.
ETSI's Martiny: Simplify 5G Together, but Be Yourself
The Digerati  
1/25/2018   28 comments
Klaus Martiny, chair of ETSI's Zero-Touch Network and Service Management Industry Specification Group, highlights the importance to telcos of being themselves while collaborating on common 5G models.
TT Caption Contest: It's All 5G to Me
Sarah Thomas  
1/24/2018   158 comments
This month's cartoon, like 2018 so far, is all about 5G.
Wells Fargo's Fritzsche: 5G Is a Zero-Sum Fiber Race
The Digerati  
1/23/2018   23 comments
In part two of this Q&A, Wells Fargo Securities Analyst Jennifer Fritzsche explains how 5G transformation is inextricably linked with fiber rollout and edge computing, comparing the strengths and weaknesses of various 5G approaches in that context.
Wells Fargo's Fritzsche: 5G Automation Lives on the Edge With Fiber
The Digerati  
1/22/2018   5 comments
In Part 1 of this Q&A, Wells Fargo Securities Analyst Jennifer Fritzsche highlights the different 5G definitions and strategies of major US wireless carriers – and addresses how these differences will impact 5G automation, services and applications.
Culture Hardest to Transform – Sigma CTO
Sarah Thomas  
1/19/2018   77 comments
Transformation isn't a democracy and will ultimately be imposed on employees, says Sigma Systems' CTO Catherine Michel, but changing a company's culture is always the hardest part.
Telenor CEO Issues an Upskilling Challenge
Sarah Thomas  
1/18/2018   22 comments
Sigve Brekke, the CEO of Telenor Group, has challenged his 30,000 employees to complete 40 hours of digital training and education in 2018.
Managing 5G in Multi-Cloud Environment a Big Challenge: TBR's Antlitz
The Digerati  
1/17/2018   20 comments
Telcos are struggling with how to manage the growing number of services and multi-cloud environments in the emerging 5G world, according to TBR Analyst Chris Antlitz.
TBR's Antlitz: Automation Fundamental to Navigating the 5G Era
The Digerati  
1/16/2018   35 comments
5G and the cloud will usher in an era of automation, reassignment and retraining of personnel, says TBR Analyst Chris Antlitz.
Digitalization Requires Operations Overhaul – Study
Sarah Thomas  
1/12/2018   36 comments
A software-driven operations with an emphasis on automation is key for CSPs to take advantage of 5G, IoT and SDN/NFV, according to a new report from Analysys Mason.
IHS Markit's Téral: 5G Targets for Telco CIOs
The Digerati  
1/11/2018   33 comments
In this Q&A on 5G transformation from the telco CIO's view, IHS Markit's Stéphane Téral talks up the importance of standards in colocation and 5G new radio.
TM Forum's Bachmann Talks Digital Transformation in Dynamic Ecosystems
The Digerati  
1/10/2018   10 comments
Managing risk and reward in an ecosystem is the key challenge of digital transformation.
Tune in Thursday: The Transformation Equation
Sarah Thomas  
1/9/2018   9 comments
Telco Transformation partner Women in Comms will be hosting a live radio show and chat with Sigma Systems CTO Catherine Michel on the dynamics of transformation.
5G in the US Heats Up – Sort Of
Sarah Thomas  
1/9/2018   49 comments
The US operators are kicking off 2018 with 5G pronouncements, but it will be awhile before mobile users reap the benefits.
BT's McRae: Be the Visionary for 5G
The Digerati  
1/8/2018   21 comments
Microservices are indispensable to 5G to scale despite the diversity of its platforms and use cases at the edge.
TT Caption Contest: Claus & Effect
Mike Robuck  
1/8/2018   17 comments
The winners from the holiday edition of Telco Transformation's caption contest are announced.
How Will AT&T Fulfill Its Year-End Mobile 5G Promise?
Carl Weinschenk  
1/5/2018   42 comments
AT&T revealed its 5G ambitions for this year, but the execution on those plans is a bit murky.
BT's McRae on Taking 5G to the Edge
The Digerati  
1/5/2018   19 comments
One way of making 5G financially viable is to use microservices instead of whole systems, according to BT's Neil McRae.
GSMA's Zarri: 5G Will Fully Embrace Cloud Technology
The Digerati  
1/4/2018   23 comments
Edge computing and various cloud entities will play key roles in terms of enabling 5G services and applications, according to GSMA's Michele Zarri.
Telcos Can Drive Connected Vehicle Ecosystem
Stephan Gatien  
1/3/2018   48 comments
By embracing new technologies, telcos have the opportunity to strengthen new business models, create new revenue streams and increase the 'stickiness' of their customers.
Top Tech Contenders in 2018
Carl Weinschenk  
1/2/2018   22 comments
Here's a look at the technologies and applications that could have the biggest impact this year.

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